DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) Internet connections are the gateway to the Internet for most Internet users and it is one of the services we provide.

Why use us:

Redstone Broadband Provider X2 Internet Provider BT Wholesale

Providers: We have partnered with two major communications providers to allow us to supply DSL and FTTC connections to our clients. Both Redstone and X2 provide Internet connections through the BT Wholesale network ensuring high speeds, stable connection and competitive pricing.

Business Class Service: The connections are business class and all connections come with a single static ip address. Our providers can easily upgrade to multiple ip addresses to meet the most demanding needs.

Support: Any issues and you simply contact us. We will help diagnose the issue and should we not be able to resolve the problem we have direct access to the data centre so we can log calls, request line tests and BT Wholesale engineer site visits. This means you don't have to contact call centres and repeat the same information over and over again while speaking to operatives reading diagnostic tips from a screen. Also, if you have hardware support contract we will provide onsite visits to test and if necessary replace your hardware.

Installation: We can provide, configure and install your preferred router to meet your needs. You may have services such as Email Servers, Remote App Servers, CCTV, and many more that need setting up behind the router and we will do this for you.

More information:

We provide a range of connections and setup couldn't be easier and you can easily transfer your Internet connection to us by simply obtaining a MAC Code from your current provider. Simply call us to register and we will do the rest.

Our core products are:

Product Download (Up to) Upload Static IP Address Price per month
FTTC 80/20 80 MB 20 MB YES £40.99+vat
FTTC 40/10 40 MB 10 MB YES £34.99+vat
ADSL 2/2+ 21CN 24 MB 800 KB YES £18.99+vat

We have many more products available including line installation so please contact us for more information.