ICS&M provides an array of advanced services, software & hardware and being partnered with market leaders helps to provide the level of solution and support to meet your needs.

We buy to order from authorised distributors so you can be sure that the hardware and software we provide is authentic. Our Value Added Reseller packages means that the hardware purchased from us is professionally installed with minimum fuss.

Another service we provide is hardware disposal. Computer hard disk drives are security wiped of data and then the computer is processed by a certified WEEE disposal company.

Servers & Networking:

Intel Server Chassis - Tower or Rack MountServers:

Our primary products are Intel servers built to specific needs. This gives us the flexibility and compatibility required to provide the system resources to our end users.

Server formats are pedestal or rack mount so installation can be as basic as under a desk or integrated into a data cabinet.

As the hub of your I.T. resources we provide servers with built-in redundancy. These options include:

  • RAID hard disk arrays: This is when multiple hard disks are configured as a single drive with the data spread across the drives. Should the failure of a hard disk occur, it does not impact your system and you server will remain fully operational. Notification of the failure allows us to hot swap the faulty unit and the array is re-built all without powering down your server.
  • Redundant Power Supplies: The servers come with dual power supplies and as above if one power supply fails your server keeps running allowing us time to replace the faulty unit.

Specification options include:

  • Multiple Processors.
  • Hard disks - SATA or SAS, recommending 15k SAS for superior speed.
  • Multiple Network adapters.

Should you prefer a specific server manufacturer we are partnered with HP, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Acer.

Network requirements vary from site to site and ICS&M are well equipped to provide and maintain the network environment you need.

ICS&M Draytek ResellerWired Networks:

Cat5e and Cat6 are data cabling used for data and telephone points. Structured cabling terminated to data cabinets, labelled and tested provide an easy to manage network for single buildings.

Should you need your network to span long distances, between buildings for example we can also provide multi-core fibre installations.

Wireless Networks:

From a basic broadband router with WiFi to a fully managed multi access point site WiFi, we are able to meet your needs using our hardware partners which include Draytek and Netgear.

Site to Site Microwave links help to provide network links over long distances when fibre cable installation is not an option.

Site to Site:

Multi-site companies often need to link sites to transfer data. This can be used for both phone and data and is setup by each site having an Internet connection and hardware.

Desktop & Notebooks:

HP Range of WorkstationsAt ICS&M we buy to order which means we never have targets of what product to sell. We provide and install the latest technology in Design Workstation, Desktop, Laptop/Notebook, Tablet and hybrid (Tablet with detachable Keyboard)

We are an Intel provider so no matter what manufacturer we provide the processor will be Intel.

As a Value Added Reseller our aim is to not only provide the best available hardware but to provide a complete service by installing the computer and configuring to the end users specific requirements. Application install, data transfer and peripheral installation are all part of a basic computer install and you can be sure a new system provided and installed by us will be fully operational on the completion of our installation.


Computer Peripherals supplied and installed by ICSM - Printer, UPS, Keyboard and Mouse, Storage, Audio and more.Peripherals are devices generally defined as any auxiliary device such as a computer mouse or keyboard, that connects to and works with the computer in some way. Our hardware partners and distributors mean that we are able to provide a huge range of peripherals along with a full installation service. Please contact us for more information.