Networks provide access to information and you can get connected via hardwired or wireless. Networking is everywhere and if you are reading this you are connected to a network right now.

Common uses are:

  • Internet
  • File and Printer sharing
  • Email
  • Application sharing - databases

Network Services:

Internet Connection
We provide ADSL and Fibre from our communications partners - click here for more information. We supply and install WiFi routers - preferred hardware is Draytek and Netgear.

Structured Network CabinetStructured Network Cabling
Network installations can be complicated and it is important to have structured networking in place to help with patching and diagnostics. Our installations provide cable installation, network point termination and cabinet installation, termination and testing. Rack mount hardware such as network servers, switches and communications keep the cabinet clean and tidy allowing future changes and upgrades.

Fibre Cabling
Should you need your network to span long distances, between buildings for example we can also provide multi-core fibre installations. The installation provides termination of the fibre cable to a patch panel or breakout box allowing easy patching and integration to networks.

Managed Wireless Network Systems
Managed WiFi allows you to have a single Wireless SSID and Password over multiple WiFi Access Points. Should you need the change the WiFi password you only need to do it once on the controller rather than on every Access Point. It also lists the WiFi Access Points allowing you to identify failed units or request firmware updates to each unit. We also provide and install unmanaged single Access Points for smaller networks.

Site to Site Microwave links help to provide network links over long distances when fibre cable installation is not an option.

Anti-Spam, Website Content Filtering, Port redirection and more.

Intel servers with Microsoft server operating systems provide scalable networks. Integration with Office365 and remote access allows you to work on the move.