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Do you have trouble sending emails?

Solve your outbound email problems for good. Prolateral's outbound email service gives you a secure and trusted means of sending and relaying your emails regardless of where you are or which ISP you are using.

Prolateral is a SMTP service provider. outMail is a authenticated SMTP Mail Relay service also known as a SMTP Smart Host. If you are suffering from SMTP 550 errors or you are just looking for one SMTP server to use regardless of your location and device then outMail is the correct choice for you. With a SMTP Hosting solution like outMail we even support alternative SMTP ports for when your Internet provider has blocked port 25 for SMTP Servers.


Supports standard SMTP Auth (Authentication)
Supports any SMTP client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird, Entourage, and many more)
Supports any SMTP server (Exchange, Groupwise, Notes, Mercury, SendMail, Postfix, and many more)
Supports any SMTP enabled phone and PDA (Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile)
Very easy to setup
Detailed usage graphs complete with Business Intelligence (BI) drill down functionality
Analytics style reports with export features
Full SMTP log data including individual message status
SPF Record Helper
Reliable SMTP Service Provider with excellent service reputation
Support for TCP Port 25, 587, 2525, 8025
Fully managed service
Outsource the sending of your outbound emails

Package Plan Daily message limit Cost per month
Outmail 100 100 £1.25
Outmail 200 200 £3.50
Outmail 300 300 £5.25
Outmail 500 500 £7.25
Outmail 1000 1000 £9.50
Outmail 2000 2000 £18.50
Outmail 3000 3000 £29.25
Outmail 5000 5000 £52.50
Outmail 10000 10000 £90.00
Outmail 15000 15000 £135.00

Dedicated Email Server Solution

Legitimate email senders are constantly being challenged as they must continually allocate resources and effort in order to maintain high delivery rates. Even after maintaining best practices for both email content and opt-in lists, delivery problems can still arise. Email delivery problems include delivery to the spam folder instead of your inbox, having all your emails temporarily blocked at the ISP (Internet Service Provider) servers or being outright blacklisted for current and future email deliveries.

To get good results in any email campaign relies on a mixture of technical and human variables. Your message and campaign needs to attack the audience into reading your message and not hitting the spam button. It's very easy for a person to opt-in to a list when purchasing something or subscribing to a website, etc. However it's even easier to hit the spam button on a message received than it is to unsubscribe (or opt-out) of that list.

Prolateral has the necessary expertise and resources to manage your email delivery and maximise the likelihood of your message being received by the recipient. All the outMail servers run on dedicated IP addresses and dedicated servers providing highest availability and reputation.

With a dedicated team continuously monitoring the service and dealing with any misuse and abuse to further maximise the trust and reliability of the SMTP gateways to provide a excellent quality of service.
Reporting, Tracking and Analytics.

Prolateral's SMTP Relay service (also known as a SMTP Smarthost or SMTP Relay) is a fully hosted and managed solution. The portal provides complete SMTP logs which detail all messages as they transfer through the SMTP gateway. You can monitor what emails have been sent successfully and what has failed or deferred for later delivery. The portal has graphs of usage information and an Analytics-style drill-down into further reports and logs.

outmail SMTP usage graph
Beat the Spam filter.

Prolateral Consulting knows all about spam and junk mail filtering. Profilter is a first class hosted anti-spam solution by Prolateral. So if your outbound email campaign isn't going so well then we can help you identify any issues with your email and highlight any recommendations or reasons why your email might be considered as spam.

This is done by you adding a specified address for you email and we then use profilter to tell us your email scored and what we can do further improve the ham (not spam) score.