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ICS&M I.T. Support

Here you will find useful information and self help articles.  If in doubt, please call us on 01278 445727.

Broadband Support

Initial Broadband fault checks for ADSL and FTTC connections

  1. Power cycle the router.  Turn off the power to the router for 10 seconds, power back on and allow a few minutes for the router to sync and check your internet connection.
  2. Broadband is dependent on a working telephone line, please try a Quiet Line Test.  Connect only a phone, preferably a corded one, directly to the phone socket and dial 17070. It is recommended that you disconnect all devices from the line, such as ADSL routers, phones, faxes, credit card terminals, Sky Boxes and alarm systems.
    Once prompted, select option 2, and then observe the line for any cracklings, noises, interferences or clicks.
    If you do hear noises on the line, please contact the line provider and inform them that your line is experiencing high noise on the line and this is affecting your broadband signal.
  3. If you have an NTE5 BT Master Socket change the ADSL Micro Filter and check your internet connection..
  4. Try connecting the filter to the BT Master Test Socket, see image for help.  Once connected via the test socket check your internet connection.
  5. Make sure your router is connected to the BT Master Socket and no telephone extension leads are used between the wall and the router. Only use the supplied modem cable directly into the BT master socket.
  6. You can also try disconnecting any additional devices connected to the phone line such as fax machines, Sky Box, Red Care alarm, Credit Card terminal/Paying Device, telephone extension leads, etc. to avoid any possible interferences coming from these devices.
  7. If you are still experiencing disconnects after carrying out the above checks please contact us.